Preparations Before Winter

House of Esther, Armenia


The House of Esther (HoE), in Spitak, Armenia is a future home of transition, healing, and wholeness for refugees out of Syria and other needful locations. Seeing that Transformational Community Development (TCD) can happen in this setting, Vince is focused on allowing GHNI to serve alongside him and others as they help some of the neediest people of Armenian descent, displaced in war-torn locations.


To accomplish this, many logistics have to happen in short order, especially as winter is fast approaching this higher elevation locale.



Pig pens and chicken coops were built. Manure, topsoil and fertilizer were brought in for establishing fields of farming. Greenhouses were established. Crops planted in early spring were harvested. Dorms for refugees were configured. Vision seminars for TCD were taught to those living there and locals. Relationships between organizations were further secured as GHNI, UNHCR-Armenia, ALEPPO Org, and others came together to commit to this special place.


Further help is needed in finances, as we secure a manager and make all provisions needful for full-fledged, self-sustainability for HoE. It’s a great semi-rural location for vetted refugees to re-establish life and become healthy again.  


Thank you,



GHNI Assistant Regional Field Leader