Prepared to Change Her Future

Harowayo Village, Ethiopia

Kemo is a 29-year-old mother of two children who lives in Harowayo Village. Kemo’s husband left her and their children and she was struggling to feed both them and herself. Life was very difficult for her. Sometimes she cannot feed her children.


Kemo is one of the purest-hearted women in the village. She was one of 12 women selected by its leaders and the committee for an Income Generation Group when GHNI-Ethiopia started functioning there. When I talked with her after that selection, she was very happy and preparing herself for change so she does not have to depend on other people for basic needs.


In her group she received three goats to breed and give milk. She is also a member of the Agricultural Group. She is helping prepare the group land and her personal farm, too.


Finally, her hope is great to fulfill her dreams. Every day, she wants to change her situation.


For the next few months, we are planning to start implementing Transformational Community Development (TCD)  fully in the village.