Preparing for Examinations

*UV Village, Sri Lanka


In UV Village, tutoring continues through two classes that are run concurrently. We have named these classes the lower and higher grade classes.


To motivate the junior class in their studies, the children who achieve high marks at their junior examination are given the opportunity to sit for a senior class test paper compiled by the teachers. Those who get over 80 marks are promoted to the senior class.


The teachers tell us that this has created excitement among the junior class students. They do their very best to gain high marks so that they will be promoted to the senior class. 


We spoke to the children to find their likes and dislikes regarding this arrangement, and all of them liked it. Some parents who were present spoke to us and said that their children are looking forward to this examination, as it is held once in six months. They also tell us that their children are studying more than before. This has helped them earn high marks on their school examinations.


Transformational Community Development (TCD) Update


Water – Most of the homes have clean drinking water. The homes that do not have water collect their drinking water from neighbours. We have been told that this has been going on for many years. The villagers tell us that at the moment they do not have a problem for water.


Food – As this is an agricultural community, many villagers work on paddy fields. The villagers grow various kinds of vegetable fruit-producing trees near their own homes. They get food from their gardens, however, meat products are rarely found in their meals.


Income Generation – Income generation is a problem as villagers face floods and lose their crops almost yearly. What they are looking for is to start other businesses that floods cannot destroy, such as small home industries. They tell us that they need some assistance to start these home industries. 


Education – We have started the Tamil language class, and we have 28 students. At present, we have two teachers. The reason for this is there are little ones in lower classes that need to be taught separately.


Wellness – Many illnesses are home treatable. We will soon be having TCD classes to educate the villages.


Thank you!


GHNI National Field Leader 

*For purposes of security, “UV Village” is a pseudonym for the village being helped by this project.