Preparing for Growth

House of Esther, Armenia


House of Esther (HoE) has undergone measured progress in this quarter. Most of the current refugees come from war-torn Syria. Trauma of war is a part of their personal histories. Settling into HoE in slower ways has added to the overall health of the two newest residents, brother and sister Hagop and Maral.  


While the fall of 2016 was bustling with the arrival of new furniture, appliances, and two new residents, this quarter has been more characterized by settling and preparing for much increased activity in this coming spring and summer. With Vince, Daniel, and Carlos planning many advancements, one established new project is the fish farm installation. There is also busy activity with preparing the soil around HoE for spring plantings. Much work has been done getting all the farmable land ready for seeding, with fertiliser and tilling.



Dan Emig
GHNI Assistant Regional Field Leader