Preparing for the New School Year

Ezbit el Nakhl Village, Egypt


Children of Ezbit el Nakhl


Abanoub is a 10-year-old boy whose parents forced him to drop out of school after he failed in Primary 4. Abanoub cannot read or write and he tends to be violent and introverted. His father is addicted to drugs. He has tried to overcome his drug addiction several times but has failed. His father was collecting garbage for a living but is now in prison because he injured another person during a quarrel. His mother works at sorting garbage but only makes a small income. She also suffers from her husband’s violence.


Abanoub loves and enjoys the time he spends with us in the association. He participates in the various activities that we offer, including games, lessons on social awareness, and cleanliness. With the start of the new school year, we are trying to convince the family to have Abanoub return to complete his education and learn to read and write. Because the family cannot afford all the school expenses, they need about 1,500 LE (about $85) to help pay for a school uniform, school fees, and private lessons.


Women of Ezbit el Nakhl


This month we organized an affordable bazaar before the start of the new school year to help poor families afford school supplies and shoes. Most families suffer from poor economic conditions and cannot afford the high prices in shops. The bazaar had school bags and shoes at lower pricess. The bazaar made a difference not only to the women who attend activities at the association, but to the whole community. Om Nour, who has four girls in different stages of school, struggles with a difficult financial situation. For the price of two school bags at a shop, she was able to buy four school bags and new shoes. She said to us, “Were it not for this bazaar, my girls would go to their schools with old and ripped shoes and bags.” She and her girls were very happy.


GHNI National Field Leader