Preparing for Winter

House of Esther, Armenia


October was a slow, cozy month in the colder northern region of Armenia. Our refugee residents spent time preparing the wood stack for the fireplaces and homemade metal ovens. They cleaned all vegetable roots and bushes in order to prepare the soil for the winter and snow.  Trees were trimmed, trunks covered, and the roots with fertilized with manure and hay to protect the roots from frost. They made sure the food storages were protected and sealed from invasion of small animals and mice. They placed a few mouse traps around.


We are working with a couple, Tamara (an English translator) and her husband Samuel. They will travel to Jordan for training in December. Hopefully, if all goes well, they will join our efforts at the House of Esther (HoE) and the region. They will help facilitate the coming training programs of GHNI.


The residents of HoE are used to the cold winter and have established better relationships with the local community. Thanks to all the GHNI meetings and conferences, our residents have made a positive impression on the friendly visitors.


For the time being, we must reduce our staff to down to four people, due to low funding for this project.


GHNI Partner Volunteer