Preventing Infection Through Innovation

Shambani Village, Kenya


Shambani Village is one of the communities that was infected by germs carried by flies. During the rainy season, flies are many and they carry infectious diseases. But now, members of the Shambani community are happy because GHNI taught them how to set up dishracks alongside their houses. The dishracks hold utensils after cleaning to help them dry in the sun. The sun makes the germs inactive and because flies do not stay in dry places, the germs are kept away.  


Mama Elizabeth is one of the villagers in Shambani who decided to put GHNI training into practice. She built the dishrack and did exactly as she was taught. Mama Elizabeth knew the secret and the method is working well because flies are no longer around. Mama Elizabeth is now happy because her family is no longer suffering from those infectious diseases carried by flies during the rainy season. After the Shambani villagers noticed that Mama Elizabeth tried and succeeded, they are now setting up dishracks alongside their houses. The local method is working well. Villagers are happy because this method is not costly. It is cheap and affordable for all.


Shambani has made progress overall in the principles of Transformational Community Development (TCD). The school committee and teachers are looking forward to working with volunteers who will help them make repairs to the school. A new committee has been selected that will be responsible for matters concerning water. We continue to follow up with villagers who have been given microloans. The Wellness Committee is still in progress and is raising the community’s awareness concerning the outbreak of cholera. Shambani is still working to complete the fencing of their land for food security.