Preventing Infections with Proper Hygiene

Gem Village, Kenya

Growing up with a challenged immunity status is not an easy thing. Proper hygiene boosts your chances of staying healthy, but the challenge comes when there is no access to clean water to maintain cleanliness. At Victor’s homestead in Gem Village, we have some children who were born HIV positive, and due to poverty and poor housing, many of these children suffer tuberculosis and are infested by jiggers. They do not have sufficient and proper food, leading to malnourishment.

Today the children are smiling, with no more jiggers, malnourishment, nor tuberculosis. The few who were born HIV positive are so exposed to infections of all kinds, due to suppressed immunity, that they demand a keen feeding, as well as high hygiene observation. This practice of good hygiene is difficult with the available river water, where all sorts of cleaning are done.

Their hair traps and stores dirt when it is dry, so to prevent any further scalp infections, the community health workers volunteered to give them a clean shave. They discouraged them from bathing in the dirty water and to boil the water to kill germs before bathing. The community health workers also taught them to not drink straight from the river without treatment.

GHNI National Field Leader