Preventing Slavery at the Source

*BT Village, Nepal

GHNI-Nepal completed a three-day training session on Slavery Prevention and Community Health Education, in September in Dhangadhi, far western Nepal.

Ten women of different ages were trained through targeted lessons that included awareness and prevention. Two participants were from the Kanchanpur district. A big transit point on the border of India, Kanchanpur is also one of the most vulnerable districts for human trafficking. There were also participants from Dhangadhi and BT Village, where we are working.

Just 1 mile from the Indian border, this slavery prevention venue between Nepal and India was important to GHNI establishing itself as a key Transformational Community Development (TCD) knowledge transfer entity, especially as we focus on prevention. Pratiraksha and David are doing excellent work in Dhangadhi and the surrounding villages as they focus on TCD implementation and establishing new village TCD works.

Chanda and her friend are students at a university more than six hours away from Dhanghadi, Nepal.  When they heard about the Slavery Prevention Conference in Dhangadhi, they weighed the cost of missing a week’s worth of university studies, especially in Nepal, where a university degree is key to future success…especially for women!  

They chose to attend, and wow, are we all so glad they did! Their input was absolutely phenomenal in every respect. They were part of a wide variety of young ladies, ranging in status from unemployed to students, from ages 14 to 29, from healthy families to one girl who had been rescued out of trafficking, from single to one who brought her infant. Each of the ten participants were fixated on all teaching/mentoring and interpersonal times, despite the 90+ degree heat and intermittent electricity/fans.  

The participants were so encouraged and made a commitment to start an awareness and prevention program in their community to stop human and labor trafficking, and improve community health.  

We are most appreciative of your continued partnership with us as we seek to spread the life-saving knowledge of slavery prevention.

Kiran Karki
National Field Leader, Nepal

*For purposes of security and well-being, “BT Village” is a pseudonym of the village being helped by this project.