Prioritizing Girls’ Education

Gem Village, Kenya


GHNI is always striving to reach the poor, hidden and hurting people among the community. Transformational Community Development (TCD) has been a highway to reach these villagers and bring light to their desperate lives of darkness. So many lives have been touched and transformed through the TCD program.


Here in Gem Village, a girl’s right to an education has been denied due to high poverty. Despite free education in the public schools, most parents abuse and use their young girls as sources of income instead of allowing them to go to school. This has resulted in deteriorating moral behaviors and many young girls suffer from early pregnancy. For the few who are in school, many drop out. The worst is that many are infected by HIV/AIDS and many children are left as orphans.


Currently, GHNI is focusing on education as it is one of the five TCD areas. We have started the guidance counseling program in the primary school where every Wednesday we meet with the young girls. We discussed many areas and gave advice to the girls. The girls took the lessons positively and promised to change their school’s history of dropouts due to pregnancy. They are so happy to have GHNI and are thankful for the gifts of sanitary products.  


TCD Update


The Food Committee, along with interested community members, taught 28 villagers the importance of preparing the ground and planting before the rain begins. A group of 56 farmers learned about sack farming and promised to look into this further. The Water Committee has been mobilizing villagers to follow up on getting the certificate needed to obtain a water permit. The Wellness Committee has focused on educating villagers on disease prevention. Thirty-four villagers attended the committee’s lessons on water purification to prevent cholera and the use of mosquito nets to prevent malaria. Some older adults are not using the nets because they cannot afford them. Teenage pregnancy was addressed by the head teacher and Education Committee as this has been an issue affecting girls’ education. A guidance counseling section is to open in the school to help with this issue. The Income Committee and GHNI coach had to address the misuse of money by group officials. Those officials have been terminated and new officials have joined the group.