Priority Given to Teaching Women

KW Village*, Nepal


This quarter, we did many kinds of Transformational Community Development (TCD) activities in KW Village. I had a chance to spend more time with the village people visiting their homes and teaching them TCD. We suffered a lot from COVID-19. There was a lot of fear and many lost their lives and had many challenges. Even if people got the coronavirus, they had to be ready to fight it. There was no treatment available at all.

When we give priority to teaching women in the village, they are very committed to bring changes to the family and the village as a whole. We know that village women are uneducated, with no job and no income source, but their positions play a vital role in the village. Without women, community transformation is impossible. There is still gender discrimination, racial discrimination, and low priority given to women. TCD works to bring awareness to diminish or minimize all of that discrimination.


Income Generation and sustainable development in a village can bring great change in the life of villagers.

I have advised parents to send their children to school. There shouldn’t be discrimination between a boy and girl. In this village, children do not go school. They are poor and uneducated. They lack resources. The good thing is that children are joining our TCD classes and are learning very well. 


This quarter we found great changes and progress in the village. Women are learning to save money. People are aware of using toilets and started building toilets and bathrooms. Earlier they would relieve themselves anywhere. Now they are using proper latrines.

I am bringing awareness about child marriage. I have helped to stop many child marriages by teaching TCD lessons in the village. 


TCD Update

  • Water – Teaching villagers to drink safe and clean water. This quarter many people are now aware about the importance of using clean water.
  • Food – We followed up the teaching of using fresh vegetables and healthy food and people are applying this lesson.
  • Income Generation – Teaching people to multiply their seed and be involved in Income Generation, micro shops, animal keeping, and saving money. 
  • Education – Teaching the importance of education, parents are now sending their children to school. Women attend a Women’s Awareness class.
  • Wellness – We taught about health care, cleanliness, sanitation, using the toilet, and washing hands.


Thank you!



*For purposes of security, “KW Village” is a pseudonym for the village being helped by this project.