Profitable Harvest on the Way!

Didi Hara Village, Ethiopia


It’s been a very good rainy season in Didi Hara Village. This brought great happiness in the community, as most of the community is engaged in raising animals. If they miss one rainy season, they will lose everything. This year was great for them. 


The Agriculture Group in this village has also produced onions. They covered more than three hectares of land with onion crops. During the harvest, they can produce more than 80 sakes of onion. Last time there was this much production, they sold their produce for 120,000 thousand birr. This was great success! During this process, the government agriculture professionals were helping them in different ways, like providing pestcide, feltrizer, and so on. These partnerships enable them to achieve great success.


The Transformational Community Development (TCD) workers have been helping them to archive this very good result. In addition to this, before they planted onion, they were helped by buying very good seed.


We are almost at the end of this five year project, so we are looking forward to graduating Didi Hara Village.


TCD Update

  • Water ~ The Water Committee has been teaching the community how to purify drinking and cooking water and how to protect themselves from transmitting diseases. In addition to this, the TCD workers are teaching on how to keep kitchen materials clean.
  • Food ~ Plants were destroyed by insects all over the south part of Ethiopia. The cause of this widespread insect infestation is still not evident, but a large part of the country has been greatly affected by this.
  • Income Gneration ~ The Income Generation groups are working hard to change their lives. They are using different types of business activities besides the Goat Loan Programme. The result of the Goat Loan Programme in this area is very good.
  • Education ~ Similar as in other villages, the Education Committee is helping the community by educating them on the benefits of education and sending their children to school. Many of them are now convinced in the value of sending their children to school.
  • Wellness ~ Village awareness of the importance of using toilets in their home compound has increased. Because of this, 11 households have constructed their own toilet in their compound. Others are now motivated and will make plans to construct a toilet in their compound.

GHNI National Field Leader