Progress Elicits Smiles

After digging a well in their village for drinking, cooking, and washing, these Nepalese villagers are now looking forward to irrigating their crops. David, a GHNI leader, shares about the trials and triumphs of this project.


*BT Village, Nepal

“In the month of May, we did some progress in the well digging in the village. Lack of three-phase transmission line was hindering the progress in the project. But finally we overcame the voltage shortage with the direct connection which has helped us to finish one well, finally.

“Now we could have running water from the electric motor any time when the electricity is available in the village. This has brought smile in the faces of poor villagers. Earlier these impoverished villagers has to wait for rainy season to keep rice seedling. Finally after waiting long years now they have running water at their disposal any time they need.

“As we have two more wells to finish with the electric motors we are working day and night to finish before the start of monsoon in the village. Work has been hindered because some of the technicians backtracked from the earlier contract and raised the contract costs in the middle of the project but we are searching the new technicians who could work within earlier estimated costs.

“In this month we studied a new village named *KT Village for the Transformational Community Development (TCD) teaching. This is another cluster area where we could bring smile in the faces of poor villagers.

“My initial studies showed that this village is par to BT Village where we are teaching the TCD and digging the well for drinking water as well as for irrigation.

“Water committee under the leadership of *Barun is working vigorously to finish the well digging before the onset of monsoon season.

“Three water committee which has been formed are doing their part for the progress of the project.”


* For purposes of security and well-being, “BT Village” and “KT Village” are pseudonyms of the villages that are being helped by this project.

** For purposes of security and well-being, “Barun” is a pseudonym of the person that is being helped by this project.