Progress in Spite of Obstacles

Hoja Bulbulok, Tajikistan


In all of our Transformational Community Development (TCD) villages here, we have the same problem – we only can work with young people from age 16 to 26. Almost all the men age 26-45 go to Russia for work to earn hard currency. In total, about 90% of the men in the villages leave.


It’s hard to find local resources. For example, some villages have water for irrigation but don’t have people who know how to grow nutritious food. Some villages don’t have water for their fields but have people who know how to farm. And some villages have water and people with know-how but don’t have money. And sometimes the weather isn’t good for planting. For example this year, just like last year, all the watermelons got burned up, and it is very expensive.


As you can see, there are many barriers to progress. Nevertheless, we try to help in these villages. This is why TCD looks for low-cost, low-tech and local solutions.


In Hojagi village, I talked with the director of the school, where we had a project that was not successful. However, the director is doing a good job. Two classrooms have new floors, and they have used cement to make the classrooms warm in winter. The director wants to fix all of the school and is collecting some money for this. 


In Vakhdat, we continue work in the villages where we worked before and are seeing good TCD results. 


Thank you!



GHNI Partner Volunteer