Progress Through Relationship

JT Village, Nepal


Our Transformational Community Development (TCD) initiative to the school and the community in JT Village has helped a lot. Teachers said, “Parents, and those who were supported in income generation, could increase their income and they could support their children’s education better than before.” This shows that a little support and encouragement can be a good step and be helpful to the communities. They said, “TCD is the good strategy for community development. It focusses on relationship development to bring a positive environment to the village.” 


We encourage teachers to go the parents and develop good relationships. Unless they have relationships within the community, it is hard to win their support. This will help to increase the number of students in the school. We taught about building relationships and partner with other organisations for the development of their school. Now they could partner with another NGO for the support of some water tanks for the school. They have good filters for drinking water. Children have sufficient water for cleaning and washing in the school.


Sushil B.

*For purposes of security, “JT Village” is a pseudonym for the village being helped by this project.