A Promising Student

Refugees in Lebanon


During the second trimester of this year, the school is still running smoothly with forty-six students in six different grades divided into two shifts, so that the COVID-19 measures can be respected. Classes are respectively given by four different teachers, making sure the students will get our four fundamental classes: Arabic and English language basics, math and sciences, along with the other activities: sports, arts & crafts, civic classes, and the community class. We believe that our children need to listen more, share their feelings and thoughts, and reflect on their values.


This month, the second and third grade classes had their “Nature Care” theme for their civic class. They had trips to the Organic Gardening Section in “Together, For the Family’s Centre”, where they practised planting, gardening and taking care of plants. They also learnt the basic science of plants. 


House of Sara’s Dental Clinic

This month, the dental clinic performed several important surgeries of which many were emergencies. One of the school’s students was severely injured and, on the same day, the dentist fixed his front teeth.  


Many other surgeries were life-changing for the patients. One of the children had his teeth renewed. His self-confidence is now restored. This child's surgery took a whole day to be performed well. 


Nadimi’s* Story

Nadimi is one of our school’s graduates of the first trimester of 2021. He is such a brilliant student who ranked first in his class. Nadimi got the chance to be one of the carpentry students, and, once again, proved that he is an outstanding child. On the other hand, his parent’s only interests are to equip Nadimi to earn income for the house. Last week, his father decided that learning was no longer a priority, and he made him leave the class, forcing him to start searching for a job although Nadimi is only 13 years old. Nadimi’s father sent his son to a shisha delivery store, where he was forced to work from 9 AM till 7 PM. As his fellow friends in the carpentry school said, “Nadimi’s tears were not leaving his eyes.” He was forced to leave his school and work every day for the sake of his father. The school’s administration interfered, and, after many discussions with the parents and its persistence to keep the student in the carpentry school, the family agreed to keep Nadimi in the carpentry class. They agreed in exchange for the same negligible money that he was making through his job. As agreed, the money is not a salary, and it is not in return for his work. Instead it is a scholarship for his awesome work in his previous learning degree.


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*For the purpose of safety and wellbeing, “Nadimi” is a pseudonym for the individual being helped by this project.