Promoting Self Worth

Upper Egypt Village Cluster, Egypt


Girls in this area suffer from neglect and marginalisation, and every day they hear painful words such as: “You are not beautiful, you are stupid, you are hated”.  This makes the girls lose confidence from everyone around them.


The Child Development Programme of the Education Committee organised a day with the slogan “You Are Loved”. There were various stations including handicrafts, a video about human value, and disbelief in negative words and a game of trust.


Many girls shed tears. We encouraged them by having them repeat, “I am loved, I am distinguished, I am beautiful, I am superior. My identity is not in my appearance, not in my money, and not in my certificate”.


Women in Upper Egypt are not accustomed to going out for entertainment or leisure. They are always busy with their children and arranging their homes. A sports day was organised for the women of the village of Shusha. The programme was held in a wonderful green place. The women enjoyed playing in group games and participating in a discussion on the influence of the Women's Health Group. The day ended with a lunch of grilled chicken. Indeed, they needed this time out of their daily routine.


Om Akila*, a mother of four from the village of Dawadia, has a small project in her home. She sells groceries and sweets to the children. She attends the Women's Health Group where she received teaching about how to save money. Om Akila learnt how to make liquid soap in the group. She used to sell her production in her store with a high price and the profit was small. She reports, “I was buying liquid soap dispensers, but after learning in the Health group that the necessary materials are available, and that it is much cheaper to make them yourself than buying them from outside, I decided to do it and actually made it. The savings is three times the cost of what it had been and the quality is better. This helped my family very much”. Om Akila’s family has been affected by the COVID-19 crisis. 


There was a seed project for the Child Development Programme (CDP) in one of the villages. A seed project is an initial project where a vision is planted as the community observes its success and may identify more project needs. Transformational Community Development (TCD) staff members visited the nursery of the village and brought cleaners and posters to raise awareness about COVID-19. They distributed towels to each child and explained the importance of washing their hands, which delighted the nursery children. This event also cheered the children of CDP by helping them spread health awareness to others.


We continue our work among the Nubian tribe. We are coaching the mothers and will start a new group next month. Some children also attended; this will help us to start a Child Development Programme as soon as possible.


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*For purposes of safety and wellbeing, “Om Akila” is a pseudonym for the individual involved with this project.