A Proud Mother and Provider

Goat Loan Program, Jordan


In Al-Khaledia Village, we visited Um Ahmad, who runs a goat-hosting family. During this visit, we noticed how much closer we’ve become to her and her family. You can tell that she was more comfortable, relaxed, and relieved around us. She was more open than on our previous visit.


Um Ahmad is a Jordanian woman, widow, and mother. Her daughter graduated from the university last year, and her son is 20 years old. He is in his second year of university, but it's difficult to pay the university fees. We talked about the goats and how she has benefited from them. She said she is no longer buying milk, cheese, or butter because she is making it in her house. Um Ahmad is now selling it to her neighbors, so she has income to provide for her family’s needs.


Thank you!



GHNI Assistant Regional Field Leader