Quenching Water Within Reach

Attir Village, Kenya


The drilling of a bore hole in Attir Village with the help of GHNI has borne much fruit. After the villagers cried out that water was a big problem to them, we took the initiative and networked with other organisations that were willing and had the capacity to help the Attir community. Water was drilled and the problem came to an end. Fruits were seen and villagers started farming; thus, one factor of their dependency came to an end because the Attir community was no longer resigned to a pastoral lifestyle.           


The water well is precious for the Aattir community because villagers will never again travel long distances in search of water. People started farming both cash and food crops, which they can sell in the market and use for their family’s needs. Animals, which used to travel long distances in search of water, can now get water in a nearby trough. Water has been extended and sub-divided into four water kiosks. This has simplified the effort of villagers who are a bit further from the source of water, and they can now get water from a nearby place without walking a long distance. 


Now, the most beautiful thing and largest benefit of the drilled water project is that it has reached an extent to where the water not only benefits Attir but also neighbouring villages, such as Etoro, Chumvi, Arimawoi, Maendeleo and Naro. Animals from neighbouring villages are now getting water from this bore hole. Not only goats and cows, but even camels are served without any problem. Water is essential to the life of pastoralists and all human beings. Lotak is one camel pastoralist who has benefited from the water, and he is thankful for GHNI for helping them because the project has not only benefited Attir but also other neighbouring villages. 


Transformational Community Development (TCD) Update 


  • Water: The water extension and pipes repair are still in progress. Already, most of the water kiosk is operating.
  • Food: People are weeding their crops and anticipating the harvest to sell their produce in the Isiolo market.
  • Income generation: Many have expanded their business. Unlike before, others have settled their soft loans and are going on very well, which are good transformation indicators.
  • Education: The school programme has encountered some land issues which are finally solved and, for the moment, all is going on very well.
  • Wellness: The Community Health Workers (CHWs) have been well linked and recognised by the Ministry of Health to reach the community with the support and knowledge.


Thank you!