Rains & Floods in Pakistan

Disaster Relief

“Late monsoon rains in northern Pakistan have washed away communities, devastated farmland, and brought the risk of a ‘super-flood’ moving across the country, leaving millions of people potentially vulnerable,” our partners, with whom we have worked in the floods of 2010 and 2011, have reported.

“We visited affected areas…most of the houses are gone with water…families have lost their houses completely. Men, women, old and children are lying in open air during the nights, facing cold wind, and in the morning waiting for relief teams to visit their area and supply food to them.”

In the last year alone Pakistan has suffered from a severe earthquake, dengue fever outbreak, drought, and floods. This flood is said to be the worst flooding in 50 years and the third worse in history.

GHNI is ready to respond, as we have in the past, to bring relief to many who are suffering unable to help themselves. 

Please consider joining with us in helping the families affected by this disaster.

  • $60 Food package: feeds family of 5 for 1 week
  • $30 A large blanket for 2 adults or 3 children to keep warm
  • $3000 100 blankets for 50 families to keep warm