Raising Pigs for Others Needs to Change

Mawa, Indonesia


With the Mawa Village Transformational Community Development (TCD) Committee having all but solved their most urgent problem–access to Water–they now turn their attention to Income Generation. Their primary source of Income is raising pigs for wealthy business people from the city. It is grueling and smelly work with limited profit, due to not owning the land or the animals. Debora, a Mawa resident, along with her neighbours and family, spend an inordinate amount of time collecting rubbish from hotels and restaurants. After bringing the rubbish home, they need to separate edible from non-edible items for pig feed, and then they have to cook certain foods that could otherwise cause illness for the pigs.


Turning this Income source into a viable livelihood for the Mawa community is a complex puzzle. In addition to the aforementioned problems, there are also issues such as access to capital and lack of efficient avenues to collect and/or produce feed. The GHNI team is preparing lessons to help strengthen the village TCD committee and provide knowledge that can help them begin to solve these problems one by one. Debora and her neighbours still have a long road ahead toward lifting themselves out of generations of poverty, while GHNI remains committed to walking alongside the community as they find sustainable solutions.


Thank you,


GHNI Partner and TCD Workers