Rapid-Growing Poplars

Valley of Ali, Afghanistan


Lately, I visited Yakawlang, where we have distributed almost 25,000 hybrid poplar tree cuttings to the local farmers. These people never knew about hybrid poplars before, but within the past seven years, we distributed tens of thousands to help reforest this region.


*Malem is one of the villagers who received cuttings from us. He has a small plot close to his muddy house, where he planted the cuttings two years ago, and now those cuttings are growing up. Some of them are already about 6.5 yards higher.


Malem irrigates and fertilizes his small plot regularly, and he hopes it will produce an income for him in the next few years.


GHNI-Afghanistan Team

*For purposes of safety and wellbeing, “Malem” is a pseudonym for the person being helped by this project.