*Ravi Dreams of Working in IT

Hoogly Village, India

*Ravi, an eleven-year-old boy studying in our computer center, is in the sixth grade. His father, *Rajinder, does not do any work or anything to help the family run. His mother, *Lakshmi, is a maidservant and runs the family. Ravi has an elder brother, *Rohan, who left studying in school and roams around. Rohan suffers from mental problems as well. Young Ravi lives beside the railway track and wants to be an IT professional in the future. Ravi is very thankful for his opportunity to get a quality computer education for an affordable price.

Thank you, GHNI, for helping us to reach out to these people.

Partner TCD Worker

*For purposes of safety and wellbeing, “Ravi,” “Rajinder,” “Lakshmi,” and “Rohan” are pseudonyms for those being helped by this project.