Reaching Flood Victims

*DG Village, Nepal


In August, we struggled for our survival while also helping victims of floods. Some lost their relatives, and many villagers lost their lives. Villagers lack food and other basic necessities. Many cattle drowned and were swept away. There was great loss and sorrow. Villagers are still struggling for their shelter, food, and clothing. Children's books and other stationery items have also been soaked and damaged. Most of them don't have school supplies.


After the flooding, we helped other NGOs with small relief distributions to help the victims. Even though we are struggling for survival, we are trying to reach neighboring villages to expand Transformational Community Development (TCD). Our great sympathy and encouragement to all who lost family members.


Sunita & Shreepech
GHNI TCD Workers


*For purposes of security, “DG Village” is a pseudonym for the village being helped by this project.