Reaching More Communities

Naki Ouest Village, Togo


In Dapaong region of northern Togo, we find many underserved and underprivileged communities like Blamonga and Talonaga, some even worse off. We have a goal of systematically reaching more communities with help so we invest time, energy and resources in identifying and training champions and men who can join us to facilitate this goal. In November 2017, Sayi, a native of Batimoni Village in the Dapaong region of northern Togo, was one of the 46 people who attended a Transformational Community Development (TCD) training we held in Sikensi, Côte D'Ivoire. We identified him as a potential champion and encouraged him to attend the training. He travelled all the way to Sikensi from Dapaong.


Eventually, it looked like Sayi went to sleep and had forgotten all about TCD. But that turned out to be an assumption that was wrong. Sometime last year, Sayi intimated to us that he has been working behind the scenes to introduce TCD to his village, Batimoni I, as well as Batimoni II, two of those underserved, hidden and hurting villages of northern Togo. Batimoni I and II communities have suffered a dearth of water for decades. They get water by digging deep holes on the dry parched lands. Many families that hardly get enough water to drink talk less of water for cooking and cleaning.  


Sayi, who is very much interested in bringing help to his people, besides the vision casting he had done, took a step further by requesting Okoro (who supervises TCD activities across Francophone West Africa) to come to his village for an assessment visit and a second round of vision casting. Okoro, considering our goals of TCD expansion, obliged and visited Batimoni I and its sister village Batimoni II, 18, and 15 kilometres respectively from Dapaong. Sayi is desirous of bringing development to Batimoni I to begin with and the recent donation of a sewing and knitting machine as some kind of seed project in the community will help the local women learn skills for purposes of income generation.  


Meanwhile, the Women’s Empowerment Centre, literacy class, and Ventilated Improved Pit (VIP) latrine building construction embarked upon towards the end of last year in both Blamonga and Tanloanga and are still ongoing though at a slow pace. Additional building materials were recently purchased for roofing the buildings, and we are hopeful the pace of work will be faster this time.   


Thank you!


GHNI National Field Leader