Reaping a Good Harvest

Harowayo Village, Ethiopia


Kuma is living in Harowayo Village. A 35-year-old husband, he and his wife have two children. He attended school up to grade ten and also herded some cattle for his family. After two years, he got married and continued herding his cattle with his wife.


Kuma is a hard worker in the village and everybody knows him very well. When GHNI-Ethiopia started working in his village, he was very eager to join and contacted the Transformational Community Development (TCD) workers. He took the TCD training and is now leading the Agricultural Group. Besides the group farm, he started his own farm near his home, where he produces cabbages, potatoes, peppers, and maize. Now his income is growing and he has plans to send his children to school in September. His wife is also very happy to work with him in the field, as she sees the good results of TCD.