Reducing Infant Mortality Rates Through Midwifery

Attir Village, Kenya


Attir Village is one of the communities where Community Health Workers (CHWs) are working through tough challenges. GHNI taught them how they can help women during childbirth since the hospital is far from the village. Before GHNI taught the CHWs midwifery skills, the infant death rate was very high because women could not get to the hospital. The lives of mothers were also in danger as they could lose a lot of blood and possibly die. These problems came to an end after the CHWs gained midwife skills. They are now helping women during childbirth when help is most needed.


The CHWs also must work through the challenges of not having enough equipment like gloves and first aids kits. Although they get some support in terms of equipment, there is not enough and this puts them in danger because they have to touch blood without gloves during childbirth and when they cut an infant’s umbilical cord. This is very dangerous because they are at risk of getting infected with transmitted diseases. Mary and Rebecca are CHWs and midwives who face this problem during childbirth. They appreciate GHNI’s support and hope they can get more equipment so that they can help villagers without being at risk of disease.


Transformational Community Development (TCD) Update


There is not a primary school nearby, so children attend school in either Chumvi Yare or Gambella. Thankfully, there is no water problem in Attir as GHNI helped the community learn to network with another NGO. Because of this, there is now water in the middle of the village which enabled many villagers to divert water and have their own kiosk. Income generation is good as business is the major income generating activity for many in this area. Businesses are growing and many lives have been transformed. The wellness class is ongoing and this too has helped change many lives through coaching. Since the rainy season is almost over, villagers are busy preparing their farms for planting.


Thank you!


GHNI National Field Leader