Blog: Refugee Families in Lebanon

Offering Hope to refugee children


We met Rami in Beirut and drove out to Bekaa where we met Izdihar, the new partner with GHNI in Lebanon, and her husband Riyadh. There, we visited her partner NGO compound where they are running a sewing school and kindergarten and will soon begin a cooking class. Izdihar is planning to begin skills training, a dental clinic, and a classroom in the new portables and container.  There remains funding needs for start-up and ongoing operational expenses.

March 8 is International Women's Day

It's no secret that there is a global disparity between opportunities for women and men. Women in developing nations, or in areas of extreme poverty, are particularly vulnerable to the gender gap. 

This Friday is International Women's Day, and the theme this year is "Balance for Better." The statistics below illustrate the imbalance we see in some countries today. But at GHNI, we're hopeful that someday soon, we'll see a balance for women and men in opportunity, education, income, and security. 


Holiday Celebrations Build Relationships

Refugee Families in Lebanon


It's the holiday season while the war is still going on. The only positive thing about it is that we get to give these children a special experience of how we celebrate it and fill their hearts with joy.


Christmas is an amazing opportunity to build relationships with them and have a transforming effect on their ideologies and culture and draw us closer together.



Hope for Women Through Literacy

Refugees in Lebanon


The ladies' program at the House of Sarah is fighting and tackling illiteracy. We are aiming to empower these ladies with skills that will change their lives and their community!


Investing in the Next Generation

Refugees in Lebanon


There are around 500,000 to 600,000 Syrian refugee children, but despite all the help from international and local NGOs, along with the Lebanese government, only 160,000 of these children have been reached.

Public schools have been opening PM shifts, especially for these refugees. With all these efforts, more than 300,000 children still remain without schooling.

Motivated by Gratitude

The war is awful, but HOPE is more powerful and joyful and helps to overcome all the sorrows and suffering.

Families are living in tents made of wood, nylon, and cartons. Life is very hard in these uncomfortable conditions, very hot in summer and cold in winter. After eight years of war, nothing has changed.


Help for the Wounded

This month, GHNI-Lebanon had the privilege of decreasing the suffering in one of the hundreds of camps. This time, we had a special case to take care of. Abed was wounded two years ago when a missile exploded in his home. Being in another part of the house, he was lucky to survive, being slightly wounded as shrapnel hit his face.

Motivated to Learn New Skills

Refugee Families in Lebanon


Our role as GHNI-Lebanon is creating and providing Transformational Community Development (TCD) education and Vocational Training Projects (VTP) for refugees in many creative and effective ways. Our trainees can then overcome their problems and sustain themselves in their present community and in their country when they return home.


Joyful Over Bare Necessities

Refugees in Lebanon

Last month, GHNI had the privilege of decreasing the suffering in one of thousands of camps in Lebanon. We helped them by providing a pump to empty flooded sewage wells to prevent the release of smelly air, toxins and diseases.

Working to Minimize Social Issues

Refugee Families in Lebanon


More than three million Syrian refugees fled to Lebanon seeking shelter from the raging war in Syria. Due to the high number of refugees, neither the UN nor the numerous NGOs were able to meet the great need. The need is even greater when the families are made up of a husband, wife, and children numbering from six to ten. When they are made up of a husband and more than one wife, the number of children is usually from 11 to 22.