Refugees Will Receive Needed Help

Smyrna, Turkey


It has been a busy networking time for us. Our organisation is growing and becoming known by more and more people. First, Izmir Metropolitan Municipality reached out to us by conducting an interview about the work we do among disadvantaged women. They think we're doing a great job of giving more women hope! This publicity will be very helpful to reach new people to get to know us and potentially support us.


Next, some businessmen from Izmir said they wanted to see us on the board of directors of their own association which is made up of businessmen from many different sectors.


We spoke to their board about Afghan and Syrian refugees and suggested that they should first teach some professional skills to the refugees and then consider hiring them. We offered to assist them in this effort if they would like.


They happily accepted this idea. Seeing that our association's influence in Izmir is growing and more people want to join us is very promising for the women we serve and the refugees! 


Thank you!


Basak Celik

GHNI Partner