Relief from Dental Pain

House of Ruth, Jordan




This month the number of patients who visited the clinic were 130: 125 Jordanians and 5 Syrians. Dr. Fadi was able to spend more time with each patient, spread health awareness and give medical advice. 


Computer Class 


This month a graduation ceremony was held for students who passed this course and we presented graduation certificates to them. The number of students who received the certificates was nine. Also, they were given some gifts to encourage them.

The children were happy to get their certificates for their commitment to attend and share the skills they had acquired in using computers.


For the next month, our teacher Laith plans to register a new group of students who have been on the waiting list for several months.


Dental Clinic 


The total number of patients who visited the clinic this month was 25. Eight needed extractions, five needed fillings, two had endodontic treatment, five had periodontal treatment, and five just needed check ups.

*Afina is an Iraqi refugee who visited our dental clinic asking for help in treatment because it's expensive, and she couldn’t afford it.  We did a multiple dental procedure for her. After finishing the treatment, she was very happy and thanked us for the service provided to her in a kind manner.  



GHNI Assistant Regional Field Leader

*For the purpose of safety and wellbeing, “Afina” is a pseudonym for an individual being helped by this project.