Relief for Tooth Pain

House of Ruth, Jordan


English Class


In this month’s English class, Ms. Yoanna taught the children about some basic things in English, since the children are weak in the English language. At the end of the month, it was the children’s graduation. They were so happy and excited about the gifts they received and the fun they had with their friends celebrating. We were able to provide an English classroom, and the English teacher was so happy about it. The new plan for the class will be made up of a small quiz on the first day that will help divide the students into two groups; group A for the students who are weak in English and group B for the students who know basic English; letters, numbers, and colors, which means they can start with learning about English conversation and vocabulary.

Computer Class


After three months of computer lessons, students who were attending the class were able to graduate happily and receive gifts. We celebrated their graduation, and their certificates were distributed to them. As the previous session ended, we called the new students for the new computer course. We have many students on the waiting list for the next courses to cover the next coming months.  The new course has already begun with 10 students between the age of 8 and 14. We distributed the stationery to each of them. Some days it gets challenging to teach the children because of the age gap between them, therefore, we are planning to change the age range to 8 - 13.




During this month, only 12 Syrian patients (out of 173 patients) had visited the clinic of Ma’in. All Syrians who come to the clinic are poor refugees staying in Madaba. The majority of the patients are Jordanians. Local Jordanian patients come to the clinic because there are no nearby pharmacies, but they can still go to the primary health care centre of Ma’in which also offers them free medical service and gives medications for free. All Jordanians have medical insurance and can get free medications from government hospitals.


Dental Clinic


The total number of cases is 40; male 23 and female 17, ages between 10 and 60. Dr. Karam had these cases; 20 exams, 10 extractions, 5 operative fillings, 2 endodontic cases, and 3 periodontal treatments. We got a 40 year old patient named *Rayan from Jordan who is married to a Syrian refugee. They have three children. He came to our clinic with a severe infection in the upper left quadrant of his jaw.  He had visited many doctors without any benefit or progress. His financial situation is bad. He got an endodontic treatment after two visits. When we finished the treatment, he was so happy that he got good and free treatment. He was thankful that he found us after a long journey of treatments and trails. 



GHNI Assistant Regional Field Leader

*For the purpose of safety and wellbeing, “ Rayan” is a  pseudonym for an individual being helped by this project.