Renewable Energy for the Poor

Solar Cookers, Afghanistan

Moses is the head of *JBG Village. A very hospitable man, he welcomes us every time we visit. He and other villagers appreciate every decision and development plan that we want to start there.

In addition to solar cookers, our plan is to provide another water project in JBG, and to do health lessons in this village.

About six months ago, 300 solar cookers were distributed to people of *Sheldon Village, JBG Village, and the rest of the Yakawlang District. These people were waiting a long time, and they knew how useful the cookers were, because GHNI distributed thousands of them in the past few years in these regions. Before, they were walking far away to gather bushes for burning to cook food. Now villagers can remain safe at home with an installed solar cooker in front of their house, using the sun to cook their food and boil water. As a result, 300 families are benefitting.

We are currently distributing the last 146 solar cookers to these people. Some of the cookers are given to the poorest families for free.

GHNI Afghanistan Team

*For purposes of security, “Sheldon Village” and “JBG Village” are pseudonyms of the villages being helped by this project.