Replicable Water Filtration System Planned

Northern Thailand TCD Expansion


Our teams returned to Huay Wai after a few weeks' delay due to COVID-19. Our community partner there was excited to greet us as he was in the midst of his own construction project. He plans on building a water filtration system that will serve as a model for his community and from which they can obtain clean water if they desire. The system will be the first of its kind in the community and will be able to be replicated quite easily - a process that our partner hopes to facilitate. GHNI will provide a few elements of the system and the partner will provide the rest. We hope to build this model system in the next couple weeks.


Further south, our team met with community leaders in Mae Pa Pai, including the Mayor and the leaders and members of the Sewing Committee and others. This meeting was to help the community better understand how our Transformational Community Development (TCD) lessons look as well as to help them understand our focus on development rather than relief. The community leaders were friendly and willing to participate in the activities. They seem committed to seeing their community improve. In a couple weeks, we will have our first village-wide meeting and officially launch the TCD programme in Mae Pa Pai.


Thank you!