Rescued with Help & Hope

Gem Village, Kenya

Gem Village has a population of over 1,500 people, mostly comprised of internally displaced persons (IDPs) from other villages. The HIV rate is high compared to other villages. This has led to the poverty level going up, with many orphans who are also HIV positive.

Men in this village are unskilled, so most do casual jobs that are not guaranteed every day. Women walk from one house to another in town to do housework in order to sustain their family. And teenagers flock to town in large numbers to do commercial sex work. So in January, we took on Gem Village to help bring transformation there.

A lot has already happened. Mama Napur is one early beneficiary. She lives with seven orphans— including two from her late sister and two from her late daughter. Her main business is to walk to the Isiolo slaughterhouse every morning and collect waste meat to sell to the villages for their cats and dogs.

One day, as she was walking from her daily activities, a motorcycle came from behind and crashed into her, breaking both of her arms and her upper leg. He raced away, leaving her unconscious for over three hours. A Good Samaritan passed by and took her to the hospital. After one month, she was discharged, and was supposed to come back for a check-up. But due to lack of money, she stayed away for three months with plaster on both arms and leg, and she suffered from malnourishment. We came across her and took her back to the hospital. She appreciated the help and hope.

GHNI National Field Leader