Resilience in the Face of Trauma and Tragedy

Refugees in Jordan


Syrian Refugees in Jordan


Mobile Clinic


Besides providing the needed medication and treatments, we also handed out winter packages and clothing to the Syrian patients we have received in our mobile clinic this month. The patients were so happy and thankful.


A nine-year-old Syrian girl visited Dr Fadi in the clinic of the House of Ruth. She had a lesion on her right cheek which her mother said started as a small papule about four years ago and spread across her cheek. The diagnosis was tinea faciei, which is a dermatophyte infection of the facial skin. It mainly affects female children and is common in rural areas. Dr Fadi gave her the appropriate treatment and is following up with her to see the response to the treatment.


Families Adopting Families


*Suske is an Iraqi refugee. He is Assyrian and is married to a Chaldean lady, Aseel. Suske was living in Baghdad where he owned a shop for electronics. Aseel studied to be an English teacher, but after graduation she got married and never had a good chance to apply what she studied at a work place. Later, she gave birth to their only son, *Elias, who is now 15 years old.


On a normal day, Suske received a threat from an unknown group and they attacked him in his own shop, insulting and beating him. Suske thinks they attacked him because of competition and jealousy at work. He had good prices and very good quality products. He closed his shop and went home full of stress and fear.

The situation was not safe in Baghdad, and Aseel would take her son every day to school and wait for him afterwards to go back home together. One day, while the mother and the son were preparing to go to school as usual, Suske received a call from their neighbours that there was a car in front of their home with gangs who were waiting for them. What would you do in such case? Knowing that you don’t have many options? They waited until the car was gone, and immediately, they left their home area and went to their relative's house to stay. After a couple of days, the same group of people found them in this new area. Suske knew that they would not stop until somebody got harmed, so he decided to finally leave and head to Kurdistan, in northern Iraq.


Suske and his family went to Duhok and stayed there until they completed their paperwork to come to Jordan. They have been in Jordan since September 2018. Life in Jordan is not easy for refugees as they are not allowed to work legally, and it is expensive. But it is safe, and they are definitely thankful for that. Elias goes to a night shift school for refugees. He goes by himself as it is safe for him. That visit was our first with the family and they didn’t want us to leave. They are very precious and kind. We loved them, too.


Mobile Clinic


*Lely is a middle-aged woman from Baghdad. She has been a refugee in Amman for six years. She came with her husband and their only daughter. Lely was kidnapped and tormented for four years. She was suffering from a spinal cord tumour and they lost her here in Amman. The parents didn’t have any opportunity for resettlement until now. Lely suffered from a thrombosis recently and came to the clinic searching for a way to get her expensive medications.


Yemeni Refugees in Jordan


*Li is a young lady from Yemen. She is married and has three daughters. She fled from Yemen and came to Jordan as a refugee because of the war in Yemen. Li is a strong woman and she is carrying all the responsibilities of the family. Her husband has health problems and cannot work. When he was in Yemen, and unknown group attacked him and beat him on his head, which caused harm to him.


We met the youngest daughter, *Aya, who is so smart and so beautiful. She started to share with us her dreams. She wants to be an art teacher when she grows up as she likes to paint very much.


We were so happy spending good quality time with her family, and we helped them as well by giving them a food box, blankets and a heater. Li was happy and full of joy as she had felt unforgotten and now knows there are real people caring for her and her family.


GHNI Assistant Regional Field Leader

*For the purpose of safety and wellbeing, “Suske,” Aseel,” “Elias,” “Lely,” and “Li” are pseudonyms for individuals being helped by this project.