Resiliency In Spite of Conflict and COVID-19

MH Village*, Myanmar

The Transformational Community Development (TCD) Committee in the village once again encouraged the spirit of self-help development activity after a couple of months of silence due to the conflict and the pandemic.


It was two months ago when our Champion reported that the situation in the area had calmed down for a while. This was one of the best news we heard from their community this year. The fighting has been the biggest obstacles for the community as it blocked their means of transportation and business. However, even in the midst of the conflict and the coronavirus, the community never failed to help themselves. They have been resilient and steered the situation towards rehabilitation. Unfortunately, the conflict and COVID-19 have affected their families’ income sources and they have to rely upon outside support for a couple of months just because of the unfavourable conditions.


We have never doubted that this community would not be comfortable with the outside support for long. They clearly understand what development means and that dependency would not take them to where they want to be. 


As soon as the situation got better, TCD leaders in the village mobilised the community members to rekindle their existing spirit and initiated community led activities again.


Our Champion has reported this month that the community members of around fifteen people came together to clear the village pedestrian road toward their garden and vegetation field. The road was narrow, dirty and overgrown with bushes as it had not been used for a long time due to the conflict in the area. They cut the bushes and renovated the road wide enough for both people and motorbikes. The women in the community were also willingly involved in the activity. They cooked food and took it to all the volunteers who ate together happily on the new road they renovated.


This activity is a good start for the community as they step forward in the rehabilitation process so that they can take care of themselves again. We appreciate their commitment to the TCD programme. They still have more projects to accomplish within a few months.


Thank you,




*For the purposes of safety, “MH Village” is a pseudonym for the village being helped by this project.