Restoration of Hope Amidst Suffering

Refugees in Lebanon


Maya* is one of our sewing course graduates. She is a Syrian refugee from Homs. She lost her parents in Syria during the war, and her brother lost his two legs fighting with the Syrian army. Finding herself lost and alone, Maya decided to move to Lebanon. She had a very hard time at the beginning, but later she married a man who became our carpenter teacher at the House of Sara. 


Our partner, Izdihar, encouraged him to invite Maya to join our sewing workshop, so she applied, joined, and graduated. Maya is opening her heart to newness, hope, and goodness in the middle of all the suffering and hardships. Maya and her husband join our meeting.


This month, our sewing teacher left us as she's moving to live in Beirut. Maya was able to replace her, so now she is the teacher and counselor for our precious girls.


Another woman, Marya*, lives in Beirut near the blast area. She recently lost her husband due to COVID-19, and she couldn’t bury her husband after he died. She's suffering in deep pain. Marya lives with her brother who is mentally sick. She has no one to help her or rely on. On top of all this, Marya is struggling with cancer. Our team was able to renovate her home as immediate help to her, restoring her Hope.


Thank you,


GHNI Partner

*For the purpose of safety and wellbeing, “Maya " and “Marya ” are pseudonyms for the individuals being helped by this project