Restored to a Better Life

Shambani Village, Kenya

Mr. Ekitela got a wakeup call in the prime of his life as it wasted away. He had become a heavy drunkard a few years after his marriage, which ruined everything in his life. He became severely sick with an ulcer, which almost killed him, and wasted away the little money that was left with hospital bills. Matters grew worse. He was diagnosed with HIV/AIDS and tuberculosis. While he was in the hospital, his wife died, leaving him a widower. All this was too heavy for him, and the only thing that rang in his mind was suicide.

Then one day he attended one of GHNI’s group counseling sessions run by one of our staff. There his mind changed after meeting many others even worse than he. Inspired, he adhered to his treatment for three months and got better and stronger and eventually got up on his feet. He was surprised how strong-willed and hopeful others with HIV/AIDS looked.

He heard about microfinance from us, so he was determined to learn. He attended a few sessions and opened his eyes when he realized that not all hope was gone. He had already quit drinking and other sorts of misconduct, so he was fit for the task ahead of him.

Mr. Ekitela decided to engage in livestock trading. His business eventually picked up very well. He has transformed from a drunk to a businessman. Today he is one of the elders known to counsel and teach by experience.

Mr. Ekitela says that it is not about business, but rather life restoration.