A Restored Dream

Shambani Village, Kenya

During our visit to Shambani Village, we challenged the community to take serious the importance of education and bringing up young men with vision for their village. This young man, Boniface, approached us and shared with us his dilemma in life--how he ended up on the street with no help or hope. He is an orphan, and he lost both of his parents due to HIV and AIDS some years back. Boniface ended up living with his grandmother, who is aging and almost dying.

Since education is a key to life and one of the five focusses of GHNI’s Transformational Community Development (TCD), Boniface got a chance to get an education and transform his life. After Boniface did his primary education and acquired a good 356 mark out 500 on the national exam, some well-wishers offered to help him go to secondary school in 2012. After some time, they could not support him anymore, and he dropped out of school due to financial problems.

He told us that after GHNI got into his village, the cry of poor people like him was heard. Among many, because of TCD, he got an opportunity to make money and pursue his education once more. Now Boniface is a student in Waso Secondary School, achieving his long, awaited dream. He was so happy and grateful for his restored dream.

Wubshet & Habiba

GHNI National Field Leaders, Kenya