Restored Life to Rebuild Others

Hanoi Rehab Centre, Vietnam


Vu Trong is a manager of the suburban Hanoi Rehabilitation Center. He is always humble, caring, and serves other people in the centre. Along with that, under advisement from Dr Thanh, he has been raising pigeons to create jobs and income for members in the centre.


We’re very surprised when we heard the story of Vu Trong’s life. When he was very young, he was a drug addict at only 13 years old. Not only using drugs, he also stored and illegally transported dozens of cocaine packs across the Chinese border. Vu Trong went to the government rehab many times, but he failed every time after leaving. He was arrested and imprisoned for three years. It seemed his life had no hope, but a miracle happened. In 2015, he was adopted into our rehab centre, and he was totally transformed in an amazing way. Now, Vu Trong has a happy family with a beautiful wife and daughter. He is a good centre manager. His job is caring for other addicted individuals by getting them off drugs to become useful citizens in society.


When Vu Trong began his position at the Rehab Centre, there was one thing that he always wondered: how to help other people who have the same drug addicted life to get a job and income for their family and integrate back into the community. After studying and receiving advice from Transformational Community Development (TCD) trainers, he decided to apply the TCD programme in the centre that he was managing. He started building pigeon cages, cleaning, and applying what he had learnt from the TCD programme. 


At present, Vu Trong is building up a pigeon farm. He dreams to build a farm with one thousand pigeon coupes. If this dream is realised, the income will be approximately 50 million VND (about $2,100 USD) per month. With this amount, people in the Rehab Centre can do many things, like improving their life, creating more jobs for other people, building new centres to help many other people, expanding the breeding model, offering and helping others like orphans, lonely old people, etc. To Vu Trong, he doesn’t mind sharing his knowledge and experience with other people. We desire to support him and his model with the hope that many other people will have such a good outcome in life.


Thank you!


Tran Trung 
GHNI Partner TCD Worker