Restrictions on Movement

Ɖorgovska mahala, Serbia


The beginning of March saw a state of emergency introduced in Serbia following the outbreak of the novel coronavirus. People were restricted from gathering and movemen,t except for purposes of procuring basic needs.  Schools were closed and things came to a standstill. 


Transformational Community Development (TCD) workers conveyed knowledge of TCD lessons about the novel coronavirus to the villagers of Mahala, who took it seriously given the high population density of the area. There has been a significant increase in the number of daily infections, so the TCD workers are in constant contact, via telephone, with the board, committee, and people in the neighbourhood to keep all the necessary measures to prevent the disease. They are informed to go to a health centre in case of any symptoms.


TCD Update

  • Water - Water filters have contributed to better health and people are very satisfied with the quality of the water.
  • Food - People have learnt that food is important in preventing disease, especially in the present situation, as they are working to boost immunity.
  • Income Generation -  People are interested in starting a microbusiness.
  • Education - Children need educational assistance because their parents do not have the skills to teach them. We plan additional tutoring classes that will assist in their further education.


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