Revamping TCD With a Passion

Murtoch-Talon Cluster Village, Tajikistan


We restarted our work in Van District and are having a good impact through Alex*. We have had good results in Murtoch-Talon Cluster Village, with the help of Kameron*. We have the right person in Sunkist* Village and the villagers are very happy. We now have a total of about 15 Transformational Community Development (TCD) small groups in Tajikistan. Because of GHNI, they have water and will have a good harvest. 


Lola* does a great job; she also works for another NGO. She and her family serve the villagers from their hearts. They don’t have a personal agenda, rather they want to genuinely help them. With the help of donors and Lola, we opened one Health class. We started by teaching children in 1st through 3rd grade. Now we regularly teach kids about hygiene. We have great support from the mayor of the district. He gives us permission to actively do our work. The mayor’s heart is wide open to us, and he wants to help the people of his district in a holistic way. Now that we have an open door and government support, this makes our work easier. The mayor is a great example of a Person of Peace. The villagers are very happy, but we need more men to work for the transformation of the village. 


Over the next three months, we only want to go up and build on our success. Because of COVID-19, we did nothing for about six months. We want to open four more medical classes for kids and hold a big TCD seminar for our workers.


People of Sunkist ask about the water pump. We helped them with an irrigation channel, and we provided them with water for gardens and washing machines. But the old water pump always breaks. Each month it costs about $600 because this pump is from the Soviet time. The villagers can cover about 25 percent of the cost. New water pumps cost about $14,000. They can only afford $3,000. There is a great need. This will be a way to support and strengthen our local Champions positioned in the village and uplift neighbouring villages.


COVID-19 is back in Tajikistan, but many people are vaccinated. On a personal note, my youngest son and my wife have COVID-19, and they are very sick. Last week, Kamron and I were attacked by extremists near the Afghan border. Kamron and I were very scared and Kamron didn’t eat for about three days. We are safe now, but I lost my phone, some money, and my driver licence. Today, I’m buying a new phone but I can’t restore my photos.


Thank you!



GHNI Partner Volunteer

*For the purpose of safety, "Sunkist” is a pseudonym for the location related to this project.

**For the purpose of safety and wellbeing, "Kamron", “Alex” and “Lola” are pseudonyms for the individuals involved with this project.