The Rewards of Self-Sufficiency

Attir Village, Kenya


The Community Health Volunteers (CHV) in Attir Village have been under the mentorship and guidance of GHNI. The CHVs have been learning how they can help the community during times when immediate responses are needed. They have been a big help in the community, not only in health matters but also in helping expectant mothers in their times of need. Despite the challenges they face, the CHVs never stop helping their community.


One of the big challenges was a lack of first aid kits and other supplies. This problem came to an end after GHNI stepped in with ideas to help the community towards self-sufficiency. GHNI helped the community start a chicken project to pay for their first aid kits and other supply needs. Chickens were purchased and given to the community so they can start the project of raising chickens. The CHVs sell the eggs laid by the chickens and then buy all the materials needed for the community. The project has not only helped the CHVs buy first aid kits, it has also helped the CHVs’ families because they are more self-sufficient. The project has also helped make the CHVs’ work easier since all the materials they need are available. Attir’s CHVs are very grateful for GHNI’s help because they are able to better serve the community.