The Ride of a Lifetime

Gem Village, Kenya


GHNI has mentored and coached so many young families who had lost hope in life. We helped them believe in themselves and realize their potential. Alex is one of the hardworking men whose life changed drastically after participating in the motorcycle project. He was given a motorcycle to operate in order to generate money for his family’s welfare.


Alex operates the motorcycle mostly during the day to ferry people to different destinations. He uses the income he earns to meet his family’s needs and also uses part of the money to educate his children in a private school. He also uses that very motorbike to take his children to school in the morning and back home in the evening. Surprisingly, it took Alex only six months to pay the loan back while his colleagues are still paying their loans. Alex is a very happy man since owning this motorbike. The income he gets on a daily basis has really changed the lives of all his family members. He is now so grateful to GHNI for the support which made his desired dreams in life possible.