A Roof to Keep Out the Rain

Myat Hlae Village, Myanmar


This month, per the request of the Internally Displaced Person (IDP) families in Myat Hlae Village, the community has to think of the best way to help them. Having asked them what they need most as the rainy season is coming soon, they answered that it would be great if each family had a small house made with bamboo, wood, and thatch for roofing. The IDP families mentioned their trouble to the Transformational Community Development (TCD) committee and the chief. It has opened up a door for GHNI to get involved in providing materials for housing.


Per the recommendation of the village leaders and the TCD committee, GHNI has provided funds for purchasing thatch for the roofing of the houses. According to the report of TCD Champion Maung San, 136 families and 655 people benefitted by this contribution. Each family got 200 pieces of thatch for roofing. The IDPs are from 12 different Mro villages that are sheltered in Myat Hlae IDP’s Camp. 


One person from the IDP families expressed his gratitude as follows, “Currently, our great need is to have our own house, whether it is good or not. We are so thankful that we have a donor and friend like GHNI helping us and caring about our needs. Now, as we have received enough thatch for the roof, we can start building our own house. The roofing is the most important part of a house as it is the rainy season here. We can figure out the other parts of the house slowly. When we are asked what we need, we are afraid to say because we do not feel comfortable depending a long time on outsiders or donors. Until we can stand on our own, we have to ask for help, as the difficulties are more than we can handle for now. 


If we were to make a plea, we would humbly ask you to provide us with umbrellas next time. Each family needs at least one umbrella for the family to go outside to the toilet, to go to the market, and for our children to go to school.” After having a conversation with them, TCD Champion Maung San encouraged them to be strong and not give up.