A Safe Place to Belong

Gem Village, Kenya

Gem is a new village GHNI works in after discovering the destitute children who have no parents. The women who volunteer to help them shared with us how they struggle with them, day in and day out. To make matters worse, these children have no place to call home.


The GHNI team took this issue as our top priority since we strive to serve the needy and the hurting. Jeff Latsa and his daughter were touched by the story of these innocent children without hope and took initiative to mobilize resources. They told us to look for a place to build a shelter for them. After consulting the village leaders, we were given land where we plan to put the structure, but without facilities.


As a team, we were working hard to source funds to complete the project. Through this effort, one of our staff members, who brought these needy children to our attention, went and shared with another good Samaritan. The good Samaritan agreed to provide 30 double beds and all the mattresses, bedsheets, and blankets. We are extremely glad for what is happening, but we have yet to finish the remaining kitchen and toilet buildings. From there we want to dedicate the building and move the children and caretaker to the sight. Our appeal for more resources still stands to finish the remaining items.


GHNI National Field Leader