Safely Promoting TCD in Nepal

RM Village*, Nepal


During this quarter, our Transformational Community Development (TCD) team is providing relief to families hard-hit by the coronavirus. Although there was a lockdown, I never stopped teaching people about TCD lessons. Mainly in this quarter, I focussed on the importance of being self-sustainable in every area of life. 


I started by teaching people to manage their time, do physical exercises, keep healthy, as well as to start growing their own food so that they can avoid going to the market. To be safe from diseases, they should eat healthy food and drink plenty of safe water. 


I went to another village and shared the benefits of TCD lessons. I encouraged leaders to do TCD work and teach their community.   


TCD Update

  • Water - Community is using safe drinking water and every house has water available for their daily needs. Now in this village the government provided a water tank and people can have access to safe water. Although some families are using water from the pond, we are teaching them how to utilise safe drinking water. 
  • Food - Now villagers have started farming and tried to produce from their field. We have provided food for some families in this quarter.
  • Income Generation - Micro shop, animal husbandry, and beekeeping are helping to create income for the villagers. 
  • Education - We have taught virus prevention lessons, personal health education, women's education, and physical exercises to the community people.
  • Wellness - Following up with lessons on cleanliness, using the toilet, health caring and sanitation.


Thank you!



*For purposes of security, “RM Village” is a pseudonym for the village being helped by this project.

**For purposes of wellbeing and security, “Sreva” is a pseudonym for the individual helping with this project.