Sanitation Situation

Gem Village, Kenya


Emejen Primary School is a government school located in Gem Village. The school was built through the help of government support and community initiative. Ever since the school was built many years ago, it has never been renovated.


Hygiene is key to people’s health. However, in this primary school, things actually got out of hand when all the latrines, built many years ago, filled up. This brought a worrying situation to the school administration which caused them to approach different organisations for help with the situation.


The latrines were full and they even started cracking. This was very dangerous especially during the rainy season. This situation led the students and teachers to start relieving themselves in nearby bushes. Health concerns arose in the village, and the Ministry of Health ordered that the school be closed down until this issue could be resolved. There was a danger for the health of the children because of the unsanitary conditions. At lunch, they would all share their food while flies landed on it. This caused many students to become sick and some were admitted to the hospital.


As GHNI, we took a step to team up with the community to solve this challenge: the community was to dig the latrine hole. We have completed 50% of the new latrine. Four toilets were constructed, and this has really helped the students a lot. This improved learning environment has reduced cases of absenteeism in school.


The administration of Emejen was grateful for this gesture of generosity, and they are happy and thankful for GHNI changing their school. The children and parents are also happy for transforming the future of Emejen Primary School.


Thank you!



GHNI National Field Leader