Sanitational Success in Myat Hlae Village

Myat Hlae – Rakhine State, Myanmar


In this quarterly report, I would like to highlight regular rice contributions for a vulnerable group of villagers in Myat Hlae Village and the progress of the sanitation project. Unfortunately, conflict in Rakhine State is endless and the suffering of the affected villagers is unlimited. Though there is some progress in some sectors in terms of peace and security for civilians, victims of the armed clashes are still struggling to live. 


Over the year, villagers have been affected by the fighting happening nearby. As their businesses stopped, they lost their belongings and started struggling for daily food. In that uncomfortable situation, they took another burden by accepting their fellow Internally Displaced People (IDPs). They have been engaged in taking care of the victims and sharing what they have, but as the fighting prolonged, the villagers did not have enough resources to continue to support the IDPs. Some families in the village even ran out of their ration which led them to plea aid from GHNI and other organisations. 


GHNI has been contributing aid for both IDPs and vulnerable families in the village over the year. According to the village leaders, 49 rice sacs were delivered to the vulnerable families in the village this year. Thirty-seven rice sacs were contributed for Myat Hlae villagers and another 12 rice sacs were distributed to Kan Thit village under the arrangement of the village leaders. The amount of rice each family received was only enough for eight days. In total 592 people benefitted from this contribution.  


The village leader said, “Again, thank you very much to GHNI for its continued contribution as a good friend. We don’t know how to survive without your help. We are working on how we can best overcome this situation and, hopefully, we may find a solution sooner or later.”


As it has been reported monthly, the villagers are still struggling and have not settled well. The fighting happens occasionally around the area. As GHNI staff, we have looked into the possibility of helping them to survive and enable them to support themselves by doing what they can do. For those purposes, we had conducted an introduction of small scale business training for families in November, together with Transformational Community Development (TCD) lessons in Sittway. The outcome of the training was positive and we are looking forward to reinforcing more business training as a follow up plan.


Furthermore, I would like to highlight another accomplishment of building new toilets in the village as its seventh batch of the Sanitation Project. It was such a huge challenge to proceed the Sanitation Project which the community had started early this year because of all the conflict in the area and the disappointment. Almost every day, the villagers are anxious about their living, hopeless about their future, and worried about their security and safety. In that situation, it is almost impossible to continue the project which depends on the motivation and contribution of its own villagers. However, we are so thankful and impressed to hear from our TCD Champion in the community that they have finished 16 new toilets this quarter. This is unbelievable! Six of them are concrete septic tank toilet type and ten are local type. Obviously, the success of the Sanitation Project is a huge progress that promotes Wellness and unity to work together for the development of the community and gaining self-esteem. It made us happier to witness that the villagers value using the toilet and understand the importance of it for family health. Thank you GHNI for your support to enable the community to do what they really need to do to impact long term health issue in the village.


TCD Update

  • Water - Good and enough water supply.
  • Food - Very limited source of food for families.
  • Education - Regular classes are run by the teachers.
  • Wellness - No complaints of health in this quarter.


Thank you!