Satisfying Development Completion

Ahumbe Village, Nigeria


Ahumbe Village Chief Dennis, like the majority of the Ahumbe villagers, is excited and pleased with the development that is happening in his village driven by Transformational Community Development (TCD).  In the past, Ahumbe Village had felt no government, nor non-governmental presence in terms of basic amenities and infrastructures. Less than two years after TCD was introduced, the village primary school building, a women’s empowerment center, and a Ventilated Improved Pit (VIP) latrine are now under construction and near completion.


Along with these improvements, the village now boasts of two functioning boreholes located near the village school and Chief Dennis’s residence, respectively. It is often said that “water is life.” The chief and locals are now enjoying improved lives as they have safe and clean water within easy reach for drinking, cooking, and cleaning. The village primary school, which started some 14 months ago, has not had a suitable and comfortable accommodation. The same goes for the Women’s Empowerment Center that started about nine months ago. Despite this, the children and women have been learning in an effort to develop themselves. These projects will certainly add value to Ahumbe’s developmental process.


TCD Update


Water – Ahumbe got two machines and drilled water wells this quarter.


Food – Some locals have continued harvesting and processing farm produce.


Income Generation – The tailoring center acquired some additional equipment this quarter. The women who were previously learning only sewing now have the opportunity to learn how to knit sweaters, stockings, caps, and more with the addition of two knitting machines to the center. The knitting classes will commence soon.


Education – Construction work of the primary school block resumed in earnest at the tail end of the quarter. The walls have gone up to the lintel level and the building is almost ready for roofing.


Wellness – Construction of VIP latrines commenced, and the project is near completion.


Thank you!


GHNI National Field Leader